lizzie velasquez

Woman who can’t gain weight speaks out on Bullying

Meet Lizzie Velasquez the woman who has a rare incurable disease that prevents her from gaining weight. The doctors said she would never talk, walk or be self-sufficient.



You are different. And it is in your differences that you will find beauty.

Here is a woman who is incredibly kind, loving and successful. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and a vibrant glow about her that captivates her audience and makes people want to listen. She has defied the odds that doctors predicted for her at birth and has now grown into a woman who reaches out to thousands of people everyday by her books, conferences and videos. While those that have bullied and teased her may call her disease a curse, it may perhaps be a blessing in disguise. The struggles and difficulties that Lizzie has gone through have made her stronger than ever and she has shown resilience against when the world told her she couldn’t. Not only that, but instead of hiding in a room and pitying herself she chose to become a motivational speaker to inspire kids and people of all ages.

This is Lizzie today, living her dream as a motivational speaker and on a TedX stage showing woman and people everywhere that you can do anything you want to.

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