Validation – A short film

Starring T.J Thyne, best known for his work on TV series Bones, this short film depicts a parking attendant who gives people validation – parking and compliments included. People begin to line up to just to hear his validations. There’s not a single person he can’t make smile… that is until he meets a woman who changes everything. Watch this film to find out if he can conquer her heart and bring her to smile.


That moment when someone genuinely compliments you can brighten your whole day. I challenge you to put Validation into practice. Tell those around you how much you appreciate them, how beautiful their smile is and just how important they are to you. Your family, your friends, your teachers, co-workers and peers could all use a little validation. From the bus driver you see each morning to the barista at your coffee shop or the janitor that makes sure the office trash is emptied out each night, the options are endless.

Share your thoughts on the film or your story of validation below!

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