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I killed a man

“I Killed A Man” Confession

Drunk Driver Matthew Cordle shocks court by confessing to murder. Video goes viral. 

Many of you may have differing opinions about Cordle’s response video. Perhaps he did it as a publicity stunt, to lighten his punishments, to stir attention about his court hearing and move the audience with his captivating message. My heart goes out to Vincent Canzani and his family and while I hope that this never happens again, there is most definitely a lesson to be learnt here. I applaud Cordle for the courage it took to plead guilty and send a message to the world. I hope that this story is enough to move people to end drinking and driving. One of the comments by a YouTube user is attached below, I hope that by sharing this with others we can move people to change their ways.

“Some of them have probably never drank in their life, and then most have probably never drank and drove in their life, but the message is not aimed at you people, its aimed at the people who do drink and drive , like me, on a regular fuckin basis and i watched this video 6 weeks ago and every night i watch it before i go out drinking and i haven’t drunk and drove since.”

Homelass man pic

Homeless Man with Integrity

Envision you came across a backpack with $3000 cash in it, what would you do?

Dave Tally, a homeless man who is working to build his life back together and find a job found a backpack with $3300 cash in it. Although he dearly needed the money, he kept his honesty and integrity and found the man who owned the backpack and returned the full amount. How many of us would simply find an excuse not to return the bag “It came across my path for a reason, I was meant to keep it.” “It’s too difficult to find the owner of the bag.” “Whoever it belonged to clearly didn’t care for it that much.”
We could all learn a lesson from this man who shows that even when the whole world isn’t watching, it’s still important to do the right thing. In the end, everyone had a happy ending.