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Give this Holiday Season

Today, I met the woman whose family I adopted for Christmas. At an LRT station I gave her the gifts that I had purchased for her kids and it was in our conversation that I realized something. How truly blessed I am. Her husband had suffered from a major injury and the family was suffering financially as well as emotionally. After a rough few months she’s looking forward to the New Year where she’ll be starting a great new job. In talking with her I saw two things, sadness for the struggles that life has put her through and as well as genuine appreciation and gratefulness. She thanked me over and over again and hoped that good deeds return to me ten-fold. It was then that I realized, I didn’t need it to.

I have a loving family who I’ll be going on a road trip with to Disneyland in a week, a warm bed to sleep in, food on the table that’s been paid for and friends that would drop everything if I needed their help. My job doesn’t buy me a Range Rover but I walk into work happy to be there and am fortunate enough to work with some of the happiest and funniest people I have ever met. And one thing that I have noticed is that, price tags only go so far, but true meaning is in the relationships you build with the people around you. It would have been one thing to hit “donate” on a website, and I am in no way discouraging you to contribute to charitable organizations, but there is something magical about meeting  the people you’re helping and spending time getting to know them. It makes the experience so much more, real.

This Christmas maybe you’ll be disappointed that you didn’t get an Xbox One or a new iPhone but instead of looking for what you’re missing take a look at what you already have. I can guarantee that the time spent with your family decorating the tree or sharing stories with friends at Secret Santa is something invaluable. And when you start to see, just like I did, that you already have everything – find someone to give back to. Because if we don’t appreciate the people in our lives and give to the people that need us then what happiness are we withholding to others and ourselves? Walking away from that meeting gave me a heartwarming feeling that I can’t fully describe to you, so all I can say is try it for yourself and you’ll know what I mean.

Now that I’m done with the cheesiness, onto the cute stuff! These polar bears want to wish you all

Happy Holidays

polar bears holidays

mankind is no island pic

Mankind Is No Island – Festival Winner

Disconnected is used to describe the wifi signal or a telephone conversation, not people.

This is a beautiful short film all filmed on a cellphone. It was the winner of 2008 Tropfest NY. It truly touched me and I hope it touches you too. We are all people. Simple as that. We are people and we need love.

We've all been there pic

We’ve All Been There

Not one single being has escaped life without facing hardships and times of struggle.

A tropfest short film depicts how we have all been in those situations before. The ones where you don’t see a way around it, the ones that cause you to stay awake at night and gives you wrinkles in your forehead. This short film shows that good karma does exist, and what goes around comes around. Life goes full circle.

Help the homeless pic

Help the Homeless

Envision a day when you wake up and have no bed to sleep in, and no home to return to. 

“They are filthy, dirty and unimportant.”
“They are lazy and it’s their own fault for being in this situation.”
“All they want is drugs and booze.”

“They are simply down on their luck.”
“We all need to help one another in times of need.”
“You don’t know their stories. You don’t even know them.”

When asked about their opinion on the homeless, many have responded with the top quotations. I hope we can open our minds, filter out the negative judgments and view homelessness not as an individual’s identity, but rather an unfortunate temporary situation that is in.

Featured on ABC News an experiment to see just how willing people are to defend the homeless. This video shows that people aren’t afraid to stand up for their beliefs and defend those that are down on their luck. Placed in a restaurant with $20 Kevin (the homeless man) is given a hard time by Bartender Jeremy. The camera crew records people’s reaction in response to the situation.