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give a home

Homeless Man Gets A Home

If you’ve seen the “Homeless Lottery Winner” video you would have fallen in love with this kind homeless man named Eric. After the exposure the video attracted, youtube user MagicofRahat managed to raise enough money to give Eric a new home! 
If you want more people to find ways to help homeless people like Eric, please share this.

Baseball fan pic

Young Baseball Fan’s Generosity

“Sharing is caring” they always said in kindergarten. This boy carried that lesson with him to a baseball game.  

At a baseball game, this little boy Ian McMillan simply did what he thought was right. Without expecting anything out of his generosity he landed himself on TV and also received a little reward. To kids, life is simple. “If you do good things, good things will happen to you.” Ian proved that to us even though he displayed his act of generosity without expecting anything in return.