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feed the poor fund a war

A speech on War we should all hear

“I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone… we all want to help one another.” 

This speech given by Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator” presses on the issues of how war is affecting each and every one of us. No child grows up with a ‘mass murder’ mentality. And while I am no economist, politician, or soldier I think we can all agree that life is valuable no matter what form it comes in. We make decisions that define who we are and we struggle with balancing our morals and values with society’s expectations.

Manslaughter charges within the confines of our own country result in mass media reports and newspaper cover stories. However when the numerous deaths are racked up overseas, how concerned are we in investigating how justifiable these murders are? The irony of it all is that we call for war in order to sustain peace.

“There is nothing that war has ever achieved, that we could not better achieve without it.” – Havelock Ellis

We can’t all be the Mahatma Gandhi’s and Nelson Mandela’s of the world but we can stand for the dreams they believed in.


I killed a man

“I Killed A Man” Confession

Drunk Driver Matthew Cordle shocks court by confessing to murder. Video goes viral. 

Many of you may have differing opinions about Cordle’s response video. Perhaps he did it as a publicity stunt, to lighten his punishments, to stir attention about his court hearing and move the audience with his captivating message. My heart goes out to Vincent Canzani and his family and while I hope that this never happens again, there is most definitely a lesson to be learnt here. I applaud Cordle for the courage it took to plead guilty and send a message to the world. I hope that this story is enough to move people to end drinking and driving. One of the comments by a YouTube user is attached below, I hope that by sharing this with others we can move people to change their ways.

“Some of them have probably never drank in their life, and then most have probably never drank and drove in their life, but the message is not aimed at you people, its aimed at the people who do drink and drive , like me, on a regular fuckin basis and i watched this video 6 weeks ago and every night i watch it before i go out drinking and i haven’t drunk and drove since.”