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Duncan two legged dog

Duncan, The Two-Legged Dog

This is Duncan Lou. He’s an adorable Boxer who was born with severely deformed rear legs that had to be removed. He’s captured the hearts of millions on this regular day at the beach as he takes off without his wheelchair.

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Elephant and Dog pic

Elephant & Dog Best Friends

Envision an inter-species pairing who are the best of friends. 

We’ve all seen the odd animal pairings in Disney movies. Animals that shouldn’t get along but live peacefully together as one. Timon (the quirky meerkat) and Pumba ( the beloved warthog) in Lion King? Sebastian (the grumpy crab), Flounder (happy go lucky fish) and Scuttle (the wacky seagull) from the little mermaid?
One of many, this video depicts the affection and friendship that can coexist between different species. Nothing stands between Tara (an elephant) and Bella (her dog best friend).

The beauty behind these animals is that they overlook their individual differences and can connect on a deeper level – something not all of us humans can do. There’s a couple lessons we could learn from the animal kingdom.